Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Toes in the Sand

In my last post I gave you this sneak peek...

Working on my Toes in the Sand quilt. Pattern by @jaybirdquilts I love how her Hex N More ruler cuts allow for perfect points!  #jaybirdquilts #treasuresandtidbits #toesinthesand #quilting #robertkaufman

Here are a couple others...

Toes in the Sand by Jaybirdquilts

My favourite block!! Those tiny triangles are 1"! ##jaybirdquilts #toesinthesand #robertkaufman #pieceocakedesigns #treasuresandtidbits

Note those tiny triangles are 1"! But never fear, it is still super easy to piece! Honestly that block (#7) is the one that intimidated me the most and I saved it for last. After piecing it I sort of felt silly because it really was so easy and it is easily my favourite block in the pattern! 

Almost done...on goes the binding!!


And then its all done!! 

It's done! It's done!! Time to throw it in the wash and dryer to make it all squishy!! :) Full pictures tomorrow! #toesinthesand #robertkaufman #treasuresandtidbits #jaybirdquilts

Here she is....in all her orange glory!! 

I present to you my quilt. The pattern is by Jaybird Quilts and it's called Toes in the Sand. You can use the templates included with this pattern but I much prefer to use her Hex n More ruler. It is seriously the bomb!! I've always hated piecing triangles because lining them up to match points is aways a pain. Not with Julie's ruler! She makes it so easy to get perfect points its ridiculous! (No, she didn't ask me to say that..hahaha! She also didn't ask me to promote anything for her. I just love her stuff that much. It promotes itself!) 

My third finish for 2013!! I love it!! Pattern is Toes in the Sand by @jaybirdquilts. Fabric is Treasures and Tidbits by Piece O Cake Deaigns for @robertkaufman @allieheath :)
Began 12-27-12 and finished on 01-24-13
Pieced and quilted by me
Fabric is Treasures and Tidbits by Piece O' Cake Designs for Robert Kaufman

Thank you Julie, for an amazing pattern and an amazing ruler!! 

If you are interested in making your own Toes in the Sand quilt, I know Fat Quarter Shop has it and is sending it out as a block of the month. You can check that out HERE.  Also make sure to add your quilt to her Flickr group HERE

Just to show you how much I enjoyed piecing this quilt, I am going to make it again!! That's a rare occurrence for me, to make a quilt more than once.  So stay tuned as I piece my second Toes in the Sand! 

Just a few more bits of eye candy...

photo 2

photo 3

photo 1

Much Love!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lattice Quilt

Well this year is definitely off to a great start for projects and finishes! 

I've already showed you my first finish for  the year, my scrappy trip along quilt! I'm still in love with it! 

My second finish for the year is a quilt I made for my niece. She was born on 01-23-12 (yes she just turned 1 year old!!!) and she didn't have a quilt yet, while her brother and sister already had two each!  

It began like this... (using Film in the Fridge's tutorial)

And it ended like this... (please excuse the poor quality picture) I had to get it sent off and it was such a gloomy day today. I'm just sick I wasn't very proactive to get better shots while I could have. :(

I love the back! I cut out the letters with my Silhouette and then raw edge stitched it to the backing. 

I hope she loves this quilt as much as I do!! 

Keep your eye out for my third finish for the year.....

Working on my Toes in the Sand quilt. Pattern by @jaybirdquilts I love how her Hex N More ruler cuts allow for perfect points!  #jaybirdquilts #treasuresandtidbits #toesinthesand #quilting #robertkaufman

Much Love!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Beautiful Ugly Quilt

I mentioned in my last post about a new project that has hit Instagram by wildfire, the scrappy trip along (tutorial here). A few people started it and next thing you know there are over 2000 photos tagged with #scrappytripalong. Two THOUSAND!!!! In a timeframe of a little over a week I believe, maybe two. 

I saw these photos popping up all over IG and I couldn't wait to join in the fun! So I went and faced all my fabric. I sat there for a while and pondered it. Hemming and hawing. Second guessing. Having an internal debate really. I wanted to participate but my hinderance was the fabric selection. Anything goes. Its scrappy. *begins twitching episodes*

Now some of you are like, so? Whats the big deal? 

All my quilts, and I mean all of them, are matchy matchy. The scrappiest I've ever done is a mini quilt and pillows, but all those fabrics matched. Even if they weren't from the same line, they matched. 

I don't have OCD or anything like that, but I've always had issues with choosing fabrics. I've sort of relied on the designers to do the work for me in regards to color and never really branched out. Why? Because I didn't want to put hours into a quilt and taking a risk and then end up hating it. My logical side said don't waste your time and effort, stay safe. So that's what I've always done.  Ugh, right? Yep...but that's the truth of it. 

The last few years I've hoarded lovingly collected multiple lines of fabrics. All kept together and not getting all mixed up with other lines. If I got them mixed up, how could I make sure they weren't left out of a quilt? I would oogle over others photos of fabric collections and how they would all be stacked up together and be so pretty, yet none of them belonging to the same line. I wanted that, yet instead of buying a fat quarter here and there, I'd buy the whole line. 

So back to this quilt....I sat there a good while and battled myself and finally decided to wing it. Everyone said how fast this went together so would it really be that much time wasted....that's what I told myself to convince me it was ok. 

I started pulling fabrics.....this was the start of my pile....
I am a coordinating kind of girl so throwing this all together for the #scrappytripalong is making me twitch. Scrap vomit is truly the correct term. Here's hoping it looks better seen together...lol. #jumpingonthebandwagontoo

I wish I would have taken a photo of my final pile. You'll notice that in the photo, everything still pretty much matches. I finally said what the hell and just started throwing whatever in that pile. I pulled fabrics out of their matching lines (more twitching wondering how I will ever remember where all these belong), I pulled fabrics out of the scrap bin. I dug through piles of fabrics from previous quilts. One big pile. When I was done I stared at it for a bit. A long bit....

Then I said...this is going to be one "Beautiful Ugly Quilt". 

I quickly gathered up my selections, ironed them, and cut them up. *twitching* These things didn't match, but I pressed on. 

My plan was to do 8 blocks at a time. I chain pieced which for me was very efficient...sewing the first two strips together one right after another 8 times, then I'd go back and add the third strip to all 8 sets, then the fourth, and so on. Clipped each strip set apart and ironed the seams per the instructions and sub-cut, and then ripped each set of 8, stacking them in rows on top of each other so I could chain piece them back together. 

Strips all cut. Chain piecing. Still twitching...lol. #scrappytripalong

Each block came together, some uglier than the last, but I kept going. 

My first 8 ... 

The start of A Beautiful Ugly Quilt ;) #scrappytripalong

Then I had 16...

Halfway done!! Even though this isn't my norm, I am really starting to like this! #scrappytripalong #abeautifuluglyquilt #quilting


12 more to go! #scrappytripalong

With 12 more blocks to go, I tackled them in one shot...

12 sets of strips ready for me to finish up my #scrappytripalong blocks!!

Almost there...8 left to go...

Day 4: The View From Here *** Four more blocks done! 8 more ready to sew up and she's done! #fmsphotoaday #fmsphotochallenge #scrappytripalong #quilting

And then it was done....my "Beautiful Ugly Quilt" top was done...so I used it as a cape..heehee

I have a trippy cape! Do you? Heh! #scrappytripalong #quilting #dork

At this point I was completely giddy with this quilt. Seriously. I was in love. I wanted to keep going and finish as soon as possible. I pinched myself a few times because I couldn't believe it, but I really really really loved it! 

My pinwheel quilt will probably always be my favourite quilt, my Linus quilt, but this one, this one is a very close first. As in when I cover up, I have them both..hhaahha!! 

I love this quilt because it is so full of firsts for me. 

My first finish for 2013! My first scrappy quilt. My first non-matchy matchy quilt. My first "take a chance" quilt. My first putting fabrics together from completely different lines. My first time separating my children, my fabric children. 

I learned that it's ok to take a chance, that it's ok to put fabrics together that you may not think will go well together, but in the grand scheme of things, they go perfect. I learned that the whole point of quilting is a creative outlet. Following the line of standards doesn't allow you to do that to its fullest potential. Please don't get me wrong, I am still going to do matchy matchy quilts as there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but for me, I grew in this experience and to me, that is huge and so important. 

I finally put on my big girl quilting panties...heh! 

It's done!! I love it!! Every single piece if it!!! #scrappytripalong #abeautifuluglyquilt #quilting

Began December 30th, 2012 ....completed January 6th, 2013. Exactly one week! 

Scrappy Trip Along #1

To show the quilting better...

Scrappy Trip Along #1

I am so smitten....so much so that I am making my second one! 

Erm. I might be starting mother #scrappytripalong quilt. Anyone start a step program yet? ;)

A big thank you to @lucyandnorman, @imagingermonkey, @justabitfrayed, and @thatswhatlindseymade.  If I researched correctly, it was these ladies who started all the fun! 

Have you gotten your trippy on? ;)

Much Love!!!

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