Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Do You Pinterest

Pinterest is no secret. 

We all have found ourselves spending hours scouring it for that perfect recipe or cleaning remedy. Ever look for a new quilt pattern or maybe you're looking for a new puppy and want to measure cuteness. It's like a one stop shop with distractions bigger Channing Tatum dancing in Magic Mike. ((Ahem... ))

Um...what was I talking about...

Oh yeah, Pinterest. 

You might notice that if you hover over my pictures now you will see a little Pinterest Icon show up in the upper right hand corner! If you click that, you can pin that photo directly to your Pinterest account! Wowza!  No more choosing from all the pictures on that given page. You only post what you click! I love it! 

Do you have your own blog that you'd like to set up like this? It's not too bad, but you do have to have some basic knowledge of editing the template in your blog. 

I followed a tutorial over at Blogger Sentral where Greenlava makes it pretty straight forward. Go ahead and give it a peek... Click HERE for the tutorial. 

Here are just a "few" of my favourite things on Pinterest. ((Ahem....))

Don't follow me? You can look me up under KarrieLyne

Much Love!!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Last but certainly not least, let me tell you a bit more about Darling. 

You can get this on Craftsy or My Shop

I saw Heather Ross' new line called Briar Rose and instantly fell in love.  Can you blame me?

I wanted to do a design that had larger blocks so I could capture the details in this fabric. Smaller blocks tend to smaller pieces, and sometimes you lose the features of the fabric.  I wanted to showcase this line! 

So... the blocks in this quilt are 16" and has pinwheels. Both yield to showing off this adorable line. Granted, whether you use this line or another, it will look beautiful! AND... make just one more block and you can make a pillow to match!!

Getting shots of this quilt was a bit of a trick. The wind was a bit pesky that day, but we made do. Even had a few laughs. 

I hope you think this quilt is as Darling as I think it is. :)

Much Love!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Oops, I've been a bit behind in posting more details on my other two patterns! 

Right now my life consists of work and softball. Oh, and more! It really is a fun time, save for days like yesterday when it was 100+.  I was just sitting there and sweating. Ew. Yuck. But..we won so it's all good! 

OK on to Embrace! 

You can get this on Craftsy or My Shop. :)

This quilt started out with me wanting to do a "hugs and kisses" type quilt. I loved seeing all of the X and O quilts out there but I wanted to do one of my own that could be a lovey dovey Valentine's Day quilt, or an any day quilt. I want to make this in red and white.... and pink .... and a touch of black ... hmmm... 

Ok ok.. back on track!

Here is my original EQ mock up. 

I love how this pattern plays with your eyes.  The more you look at it, the different it seems. And the best part?  It's made up of two blocks, one being a square in a square which is so easy peasy! Then there is the X block, which is also easy to piece, which means this quilt goes together quite fast!! 

This pattern includes directions for FIVE sizes again! 

Purple is my favourite color so when I saw Dear Stella's line called Piper, it was a no brainer for me to use their fabric!

Here are a few shots that were taken in the making of the cover...

This biased stripey binding steals the show for sure!!

Another high five to my kids for holding up the quilt for this shot. :)

And the final cover shot...

It's one of my babies, so of course I love it. What do you think?

Much Love!!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


The other day I posted three of my newest patterns and I promised I'd come back to tell you more about them. 

First up... Promenade. 

You can get it on Craftsy or my shop

Thus far, this is my favourite pattern.  The funny thing is, it was a complete accident. I was playing around in EQ (Electric Quilt) making a bunch of blocks and decided to start auditioning them.  Literally 15 minutes later this quilt was born. 

As soon as I saw that the negative space was creating an octagon (of sorts), I was sold.  The best part, the blocks are super easy! 

This was my EQ mock up... 

Isn't it delightful? I used Les Amis by Patty Sloniger for Michael Miller and I think it's perfect.  Mostly because it has turtles in it. Thank you Miss Sloniger! Please bring more turtles :) 

This pattern includes instructions for FIVE different sizes!! 

My children are wonderful.  We went out looking for a place to take photos and wound up on a golf course, of all places.  They were sort of patient while their arms started to get sore with me trying to get a good photo..heehee! 

These photos were taken at a historical trading post in my wee little town.  

This one was taken at the same place and is the one I used on the cover of the pattern. 

I really {{heart}} this quilt.  I hope you do too!!

Much Love!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Darling, Embrace and Promenade

Hello and good day my friends!

I have been so excited to bring these new patterns to you that I have been working my little tail feathers off! 

My newest babies.... Promenade, Embrace, and Darling

In the next few days I will go into more detail on each of them, but for now I'll give you this....

They are available now. If you'd like to purchase them in PDF form, you can purchase them in my shop, or on Craftsy.

Paper versions are also available in my shop!

Which one is your favorite?

Much Love!!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tip on Rotary Cutter Blades

A few years ago I posted a tip regarding rotary cutter blades. I wanted to touch base once more because I do feel it is important. 

Rotary cutters make our lives so much easier when it comes to quilting.  We love them.  We cherish them. We want more of them.  However, along with them, come a few rules.  

The most important rule is changing out that blade.  It's like a razor for your legs.  The more you use it, the duller it gets, which results in a less effective blade.  

Ever notice when you are cutting, you don't get a clean line? You get a jagged wonky line? That's because your blade is too dull to give you that perfect straight edge. 

I change my blade every time I cut out a new quilt. ESPECIALLY if I used that blade to trim the previous quilt because of the cutting of the batting.  Plus, I just love how much easier it is to cut with a fresh blade.  It's like cutting through warm butter versus refrigerated butter. 

The cost isn't so pretty though.  I make a lot of quilts so it can get costly.  

This is where my tip comes in.  As much as I love Fiskars and Olfa, I don't like the cost of their blades. As you can see above I don't mind spending the money on the cutter. :) So I go to Harbor Freight Tools and buy their 2 pack of carpet blades.  Two blades for $1.99.  Wowza!! 

These fit the 45mm cutters and they are sharp sharp sharp! I mean, after all, they are carpet blades!! I've used them for years now and I have never had a problem. So go ahead and indulge... buy your self some blades. Buy yourself a LOT of blades and start switching them out more often and you will see ...

1.  Your cutting time will decrease.
2.  Your cutting will be more accurate.
3.  Due to #2, piecing will be more accurate.
4.  Due to #3 your sanity will remain in tact. ;) 
5.  Now that you've saved all that money on blades, you can buy more of those pretty cutters OR more fabric!! 

This cutter is on my wish list.... It's Olfa's Splash cutter.  Isn't it pretty.......???? 

Much Love!!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


It's July 2, 2013. 

Just over 6 months into the year. 

Time to take inventory and look back.

I don't really think about my finishes in terms of "how many" until I stop and compile and list.

However, it seems, when I do count, I'm a bit shocked.

Maybe it's not a lot to you, but it's a lot to me.


Eleven pieced, quilted, and binding on. (one not shown here as it was a gift = scrappy trip along)

Plus, two pieced quilt tops that I did for a friend and two of my own that need quilting. 

I am realizing now, with the exception of my Scrappy Trip Along quilts, I like a lot of white. It's in every quilt.  Hmm...might have to change that up...

You might be wondering about those bottom three.... you've seen sneek peeks here and there if you follow me on Instagram... but you will see the full quilts very soon!!! D:

What does your finished pile look like? 

Much Love!!!

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