Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas Tag / Ornament Tutorial

Hello friends! 

Today I bring a tutorial to you that is really easy and can be used for a couple different things! 

I love to put tags on gifts but what if you could make a tag that you could repurpose and use year after year? 

What you will need:
Fabric Scraps
Big Shot or Fabi Die Cutting Machine

Begin by cutting out the following:
1 felt circle that is 3"
1 Heat n Bond circle that is 3"
7 fabric scrap circles at 3" each
4 fabric scrap curcles at 2" each
8" piece of ribbon

Take the ribbon and fold in half and sew on to the front of the felt circle.  The color of thread really doesn't matter as you will be covering up both sides so no one will know :)

Now we need to make our first layer of "petals".  Taking 6 of the 3" circles you cut from your fabric scraps, fold them each in half and press them.  (not shown because I forget to take a photo)

Lay the half circle (since you folded it) so the straight edge is facing you.  Take the right corner and pull it to the left about 1/3 of the way, maybe a smidge less.

Now take the left corner and fold it BEHIND to the back so the edge peeks out on the right side just a smidgen. So your "petal" should have folds peeking out on each side. If your's does not, you will need to adjust your folds.  Begin by trying to make your first fold smaller until you get the below result. 

Now you can pin all 6 to the felt on top of the ribbon. Make sure you snug them up against each other and pin each one in place.

Time to tack them down by sewing a circle around the middle.  As you can see, my circle isn't anywhere near perfect (hahahahaha) so you don't have to be precise.  Just be sure you try to keep it with in a 1/2" of the center. Again, this will be covered up so thread color doesn't matter. 

Time to take those 2" circles and fold them in half, wrong sides together and then in half again so you have a quarter wedge. 

Lay them out on top of the petals you already have down, matching up the center points. 

You can try to do another circle here to sew them down, but I chose to do two straight lines. This was much easier using this thickness.

Next sew on your button using your favorite method. I just used a needle and thread and sewed it on.

You will notice the back isn't so pretty, hm?  Let's fix that.  Take your last circle that is 3" and the 3" circle that is Heat n Bond and bond it to the wrong side of your fabric circle using the manufactures directions.  Lay down a layer or two of batting or something squishy, then a piece of fabric, then your ornament face down.  You need these squishy layers so the button will sink down and you get a good adhesion of your Heat n Bond to the back.  Lay the circle with the Heat n Bond on it and bond it to the back of the ornament!

Now what I love the most is you can now write on the back of it to make it a tag to put on a gift.  If using Christmas fabrics it then can be used as an ornament!!  

Time for me to get started making a bunch of these for Christmas!!  Just remember, these don't just have to be for Christmas!!! What a lovely little keepsake when giving a gift!!!! 

Much Love!!!


  1. Love this! Perfect for anytime! Thanks for a great tutorial with awesome photos;-D


  2. Karrie, that is adorable! I think I see a few of these in my immediate future!!

  3. fantastic personalised gift.....thank you!
    sugary hugs :o) xox

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