Sunday, January 30, 2011

You Might Be A Redneck If...

you have to hang your newly made "catch all" bag by the light to take a photo of it. :D

Viewfinder fabric is Ruby Star Rising by Melody Miller and the teal is a quilters linen from Robert Kaufman!

But so's still cute and now I have my very own bag to throw all my crap in on my way the the office each morning. :D

I really really really need to get more of this viewfinder fabric!! It's a dream to work with and it's adorable to boot! :), I don't have a pattern or link to a tutorial for this. It's just a mish mash of several tutorials that I found over the past few months.  Sorry! Film In the Fridge has  a really cute one though, that inspired this one! 

Much Love!!!

P.S. Does anyone else notice my plenitude of emoticons? I mean...there's at least 3 right up there *looks up*... I may have a problem.... 12 step program maybe? LOL! ;)  <---oops!


  1. I totally love that tote!

  2. Love it! I was going to make a market bag with my viewfinders too! Did you put something in the bottom? Use any particular interfacing? I'm always curious at everyone's technique!

  3. So cute - I love that fabric!! And I am a big fan of emoticons - bring 'em on!! ;-)

  4. Great looking bag. I love that you hung it on your light fixture. LOL!


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