Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fresh Modern Bee Finish ... Finally!!

Hello my lovelies!! 

It's always nice when we can revisit old friends, right? Ones that you've been meaning to reconnect with but time just keeps slipping away...  Then when  you actually put your foot down and do something about it and reconnect, you feel so good afterwards! 

The same is true with quilts.  UFO's... (Un-Finished Objects). Poor little things, sitting all alone in the closet or in a bag or at the bottom of a tote completely forgotten. If you listen carefully, you can hear them crying... well ok, maybe not but I bet they still feel bad ;)

A few months ago I pulled out a UFO that was from a quilting bee I was in, Fresh Modern Bee.  I had my fellow bee members make me half square triangle blocks using Sweetwater's Make Life line for Moda. I forgot how much I truly loved this line. I had pieced the top and pin basted and even began quilting.  Then other things popped up and it got set aside.  Again.

Until yesterday... I saw it sitting there and just had an itch to finish it.  So I did. 

Here she is, in all her splendor.... I heart her.. so much! Thank you to all my bee friends that made it possible!! 

Scrappy binding.... *swoon*

This is my little helper. Couldn't help but snap a shot of him! :)

Here is a close up of one of the blocks to show how I quilted it.  Just kind of a no bones about it meandering but instead of rounded edges I went with squared off edges. 

 I am so happy to have her done!! 

Thank you again to all my fellow bees!!! I heart you for helping me put this quilt together!

Much Love!!!


  1. There is something very satisfying about a finish, don't you think?! It's great!

  2. It's lovely, Karrie - so cheery!

  3. Great finish! I love the colors and your quilting is perfect. :-) Have a happy week!

  4. Beautiful!! I loved making a block for this quilt!

  5. Beautiful work, love the quilting as well, do you use a domestic normal sewing machine or do you use a Sweet Sixteen or something similar.

  6. Congrats! It is a beautiful quilt; love how you quilted it.

  7. Beautiful!! Muy bonito !!
    Saludos desde Barcelona


  8. Fantastic quilt, so beautiful, simply perfect!


  9. These quilts are looking fantastic thanks for the sharing and just keep up the good work.

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