Thursday, July 18, 2013


Oops, I've been a bit behind in posting more details on my other two patterns! 

Right now my life consists of work and softball. Oh, and more! It really is a fun time, save for days like yesterday when it was 100+.  I was just sitting there and sweating. Ew. Yuck. But..we won so it's all good! 

OK on to Embrace! 

You can get this on Craftsy or My Shop. :)

This quilt started out with me wanting to do a "hugs and kisses" type quilt. I loved seeing all of the X and O quilts out there but I wanted to do one of my own that could be a lovey dovey Valentine's Day quilt, or an any day quilt. I want to make this in red and white.... and pink .... and a touch of black ... hmmm... 

Ok ok.. back on track!

Here is my original EQ mock up. 

I love how this pattern plays with your eyes.  The more you look at it, the different it seems. And the best part?  It's made up of two blocks, one being a square in a square which is so easy peasy! Then there is the X block, which is also easy to piece, which means this quilt goes together quite fast!! 

This pattern includes directions for FIVE sizes again! 

Purple is my favourite color so when I saw Dear Stella's line called Piper, it was a no brainer for me to use their fabric!

Here are a few shots that were taken in the making of the cover...

This biased stripey binding steals the show for sure!!

Another high five to my kids for holding up the quilt for this shot. :)

And the final cover shot...

It's one of my babies, so of course I love it. What do you think?

Much Love!!!


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Happy Quilting!

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