Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Quilt Market 101

To Market, to Market, to buy a fat pig quarter bundle...

There is so much more to Market than fabric and quilts! You meet the most amazing people and have a fabulous time with your friends you already have! 

This was my first Market and I thought I knew what to expect but until you go and experience it for yourself, it's really hard to explain the euphoria.  So you all will just have to go and find out for yourself :) 

I did lean A LOT of things while I was at Market and I thought I'd do a quick run down here. That way if any of you are thinking about going in the Spring (its in Pittsburgh) you won't make the same mistakes I do. 

Ready... here we go...

#1 -  Do NOT leave your house with out flip flops. You're favoritest comfy flip flops. You will NEED them at some point because your feet get quite the work out!!! Then also make sure you put those flip flops in the bag you carry with you on the floor. Try looking for a tutorial for hand made shoe bags to put them in. Adorbs! 

#2 - Buy a super comfy pair of shoes and then bring 4 more pairs. One for each day. Don't wear the same shoes two days in a row. I can attest to giant blisters. Take my word for it. 

#3 - Choose to bring a bag that has a comfortable handle/strap. Test it out. Put a good amount of weight in it, like 5 bricks, and walk around with it for a few hours. How's that shoulder? I recommend wide straps. The bag I had is great for everyday but the straps were skinny and dug into my shoulder. Owchie!

#4 - Did I mention flip flops? Oh yes I did. A HUGE shout out to Miss Rachel Griffith for lending me hers on the last day. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

#5 - Practice smiling. This sounds odd but think about smiling for 4 days straight. Those cheek muscles get a work out..hahah! 

#6 - For the love of ice cream, pack light when you go. You don't need everything. I say this because when you need to come home, you WILL have fabric to take back with you. You need a place to put it. I had to ship my fabric home. Trying to patiently wait for it.... sad panda... 

#7 - Don't forget your ticket. They charge you to re-print it. Guess how I know that?

#8 - Have fun!!! Sometimes we can easily forget this when it is overwhelming or we become too business like. It is business but it should also be fun. Don't be afraid to let your hair down.

#9 - Take pictures!!! Otherwise when you get home and don't have any, you'll be very disappointed. I took some but there was so much to see I kind of "forgot" to take photos. However, if you are on Instagram, look up #quiltmarket and you'll see so so much!!

#10 - Take vitamins before you go and while you are there. Maybe even amp up on vitamin C. You are around so many people, and if you fly, that's a lot of germs floating around a small environment. Ew. Not only myself, but I know a lot of others got sick too.  Take hand sanitizer and USE it. Every little bit helps. When you get back you just want to sleep. Being sick on top of that is no fun. 

#11 - Bring a portable phone charger. Heather from Fiberosity brought these and they worked like a charm and they are cheap!! 

I know I am probably forgetting things but these are the ones I remember the most and things I wish I had known before Market. 

Despite the shortcomings, I had a blast!!! I would also do it all over again! 

I'm guessing it's like having a baby. A few days later you totally forget all the pain you went through..hahaha!! 

I hope someday to meet you at Market, if I haven't already!! 

Those of you who I did meet, miss you already!!

Much Love!!!


  1. Good tips. Hope to make it next year.

  2. It was so great to meet you at Market! And your tips are super fab, and totally spot on :)

  3. So funny! Can anyone go to market?

  4. I love this post! Thanks for sharing your experiences and tips.

  5. you are spot on! I made so many of those mistakes when I went last year, especially the shoes and the bag. I think my shoulder has only now recovered ;-)

  6. KarrieLyne,
    It sounds like you might need a personal assistant to go with you to Pittsburgh, I happen to know someone who would love to fill that role for you! I could even help make samples! :-) I am glad you had fun!

  7. It was a first time for me too! Wish I had your list before I went! (Although, I did bring an empty, fold-able bag with me that returned full!)

  8. If you are in pittsburgh, I would love to meet you!

  9. Thanks for all the tips and I do hope to get to market at some point. Since it is Pittsburgh in the spring and that isn't too far out of the way for me, I'm going to look into it.


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