Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tidbit Tuesday #46 - Binding Thread

Gasp! Another tidbit!

This one comes from an issue I was having while binding and I was getting so frustrated!! Let me explain...

When I bind, I like to use Aurifil 40 weight thread (the green spool).  I cut off a long piece, thread it through the needle, match ends, and tie a knot.  This way my needle doesn't fall off (those hurt to sit on, by the way) and I have secure binding.

What kept happening is after a few stitches, my threads would somehow become uneven and I'd get loops where my stitches were.  I'd have to go back and fix them.

Does this happen to you?

What I did to fix it is simple.  After  you thread your needle, match the ends and tie the knot. At this point the thread by the needle is loose. This allows the needle to slide wherever it wants to.

Now, hold the knot in one hand and the needle in another. Stretch it so that the needle is exactly in the middle.  Pinch the threads at the needle and tie a knot right below your needle.  This way the needle stay right in place!!

No more loops!!

Hope this helps someone else too!

Much Love!!!

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  1. Something I like to do when using 2 strands is to take the thread, fold in half and put both tails together. Thread both tails through the needle, pull just a short ways then run the needle through the loop created by the thread. Hold onto the tails and pull the needle tight. This should 'lock' the thread into the needle, then you can knot the tails and proceed. Make sense? HTH!! ;-)


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