Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For The Love Of Snow

Back in December I said that staring January 1st, I was going to be doing a photo a day for the next year. It seemed easy enough. Just take a photo and post it. Hm. I have realized that its not so easy for me because I am not happy with just posting any ole picture. It's gotta be just right. A wee bit anal maybe? Perhaps. I see it as a good thing now. It really makes me stop and think about the photo I want to take and the story I want to capture. I peruse Flickr and admire all the amazing photographs and hope that someday I will capture a smidgen of that talent.

Today's story features my absolutely wonderful baby girl, Niko. She is 9 months old and the sweetest thing ever! She makes me laugh every day because her personality is so quirky. You scratch her anywhere and her back leg thumps. She loooooooves to be She also licks the air when you scratch her. Yes, she licks the air...hahaha! You have to see it but it is comical to watch. Something else she loves is the snow. Well we have plenty of it so she is in heaven!  The only thing she doesn't like is that she gets snowballs stuck in the hair between her toes. Then she has to nibble them all out, and that interferes with her play  Today she was out back playing, rolling in the snow, digging in it and then throwing it up in the air with her nose! She stopped wiggling for a split second for me to snap this shot. Isn't she cute with a snowy nose? :)

Day 41 - Niko Loves Snow!!

Now, if I could just get her to mop up her wet foot prints when she comes in the door ;)

Much Love!!!

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