Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bizzy Bizzy!

Today was a really busy day, but very productive and rewarding! I love those days, even though I'm pooped out by the end of them!! 

You've heard me talk about The Pioneer Woman (Ree) and you should know that you will probably hear a lot more about her and her recipes and photography. Yes, she is amazing at both, amongst other things. Although, my favourite thing about her is how she makes me laugh so hard, tears run down my face. It's just her quirky sense of humor that sets me off. It's that extra bit of sunshine that I need. :)

Now where was I? Oh!! I had been looking forward to making these goodies all week. I had to do it on a weekend where I had the time. Lemme show you.....

After mixing and letting rise, I rolled it all out. Poured on the butter. I mean *really* poured it on. Ree said so, so it's ok ;)
From This
**Yes, that is my Mac helping me out while I**

Then you roll it all up and cut them apart, and you get this. 
To This

And then after you bake them and add the totally non-caloric *cough* frosting on them, you have the yummiest cinnamon rolls ever!!
And Then Heavan

Yes, her recipe said that it makes 7, that's S-E-V-EN pans of these mind blowing little jems and I made the entire recipe. (somehow I only got Before I started I told myself I was taking three pans to the office, and one pan was going to one of Zee's friends parents and then I was keeping two pans. I knew if I didn't designate, I'd lock myself in a room and eat them all! Its better to share and my hips thank me for it :)

I also made something healthy. It was delish as well. Melt in your mouth goodness. 
Before it was baked and simmered in wine, broth and herbs.....

Then right before I gobbled it all up...
Embrace The Pot Roast

I also made the potatoes separate and mashed. I used the tasty juice left over from cooking the pot roast to make my own gravy. Yum!! 

I also got the blocks done this week for the pinwheel quilt along over at :) Yay! 
Pinwheel Block #3

Pinwheel Block #4

Pshew..I'm tired. Anyone care to give me a foot rub now? ;)

Much Love!!

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  1. I'm falling on the floor laughing cause I know you have kept all six pans once you tasted those.hah.ha.hahahah.a.ha.a.a
    I will be making more today myself and this is the third round for me!!!
    Your food looks great and I KNOW it tastes great!
    I love the line you are using with your blocks, they also look great!


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