Saturday, April 20, 2013

Which Way?

I had a bit of spare time today so I pulled out a Layer Cake I've had for quite some time now. It was Just Wing It by MoMo for Moda Fabrics. I don't know why I haven't cut into it before now but I truly heart this line. 

So as I was putting blocks together and pressing, I wondered what all of you do. When it comes to pressing, I mean. 

Do you press all seams open? 

Do you press all your seams to the side?

Or do you mix and match? 

Me? I used to always press to the side. Always. Mostly because it was! 

However, I've discovered that I really much more prefer pressing open. I feel that my seams lay flatter and my blocks square up better. It does take a bit longer to go about it this way, but my end results are so much cleaner. 

So now I'm a totally "Press Everything Open" kind of girl. ;)

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!!!

Much Love!!!


  1. That is a very fresh looking line of fabric. So cute.

  2. I use to always press to one side but sometimes it makes too many layers of fabric no matter how much planning I do so now I am finding that i do both. I like the way the seams lock with both one side, but when it just won't work I opt to press open.

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  4. For years I pressed to the side because that was the trend. My grandmother made quilts when I was young and she always pressed open her quilts were amazing. Then I read a book by ELizabeth Hartman, and she speaks about why she presses open..Now I go with my gut and press open my seams are perfect.

  5. I press my seams to the dark side always because I don't like seeing shadows under the light colored fabric and I can get my points and blocks together when I nest my seams.

  6. I've always pressed to the side because that's how I learned. Is it harder for seams to nest together when pressed open? I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your layer cake as I have the same one ; )

  7. Usually I press open. Elizabeth Hartman's blog was one of the first I started reading when I was a beginner quilter (I guess I still am sort of a beginner quilter, having less than 10 quilts to my name) and she's an open presser and so I became one too. I also think it makes things lay flatter and nicer than side pressing. I also find that it's easier for me to match points with open pressing.

  8. I press whichever way the fabric tends to lean to. Sometimes pressing it one way or the other is a fight trying to keep it down.

  9. I press to the side. I made a lap quilt for a friend and pressed open and it felt so wrong somehow. I couldn't quit wondering if I was using a small enough stitch length and what if I wanted to stitch in the ditch and messed up the stitches. So I decided to spare myself that stress and keep pressing to the side. My dilemma is whether to press to the dark side only or the side with the least resistance.

    I do press open with really bulky seams, like if a lot of seams meet up at one spot.


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