Sunday, July 11, 2010

Charm Pack Quilt Along - Cutting Your Solid

Just a quick update and some more information on the Charm Pack Quilt Along.

There is still time to do your shopping as we will not begin with instructions until NEXT Sunday. 

You can still get your 10% off your total purchase over at Crafty Girls Workshop by using the coupon code CHARM.  This is good until the end of July! 

Some of you have asked me about cutting into the white, or solid, fabric if you are not using charms. 

You can get a bit of a head start if you want to cut out your white (or solid) "charms" now. 

You will need 75 - 5" squares for the first step. This will be cut from the yardage you purchased, whether it be white or a contrasting solid to your charms. 

From your yardage, cut 10 strips that are 5" wide. From those strips, you will sub-cut into 5" squares. You will get more than 75 out of these, just put the extras aside, we will use those later, in addition to the remaining yardage. 

I'm really excited to see all of the participation with this Quilt Along! 

Please let me know if you have any questions. Remember to leave your email address in the comments form so I can reply to your questions. :) 

Much Love!!!


  1. Can't wait to get started! In honor of you and the inspiration you've given me, I'll be using Whimsy! :)

  2. Can't wait! Got my fabric delivered over the weekend! Hey,do you have a flickr group for this? You may have already mentioned it and I'm just too lazy to search around for it! ;) Well, guess I'll get to cutting some solids!

  3. I met a girl in the bookstore this afternoon who was a collector of charm packs - turns out she was also doing the Simple Sampler Quilt Along! While we were comparing notes, I found out she didn't know about your Charm Pack Quilt Along, so I gave her the info. Hopefully she'll join us!!

  4. Okay, I'm in! Just ordered my charm packs from Crafty Girls and used my 10% off coupon! Yahoo!

  5. I'm excited to get started! I ordered my fabric today! **YAY**!!!

  6. Will you be leaving the instructions for this quilt along up after you've finished it? I really want to participate, but I promised the mister that I wouldn't start another project or buy more fabric until I finish the quilts I'm in the middle of. I love the layouts you've come up with (especially the top two) and really want to make this quilt once I finish my current WIPs. Let me know. Thanks!


  7. OK, I took a bunch of scraps & cut them into 5" squares; today I cut the 75 background squares from 4 different fabrics (ecru tone-on-tones, all related). Ready for the next step, and so far it's all from stash! :D


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