Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday #12

This is a tip brought to you from experience. 

This is a REALLY great tip, especially when you are using your very last piece of that one fabric you love and you're not sure if you can get anymore. 


Measure TWICE, and then once more. Then recheck your pattern to make sure you have the right measurements. Once you've confirmed, check two more times, then you're ok to cut. 

I know that sounds like over kill, and if you are using fabric you have tons of, you won't have to worry as much but when you only have one little piece left and you only have one chance to get it right....I highly recommend the steps above. :)

I've been getting in a few more blocks for my quilt for Fresh Modern Bee!! 

This lovely block came in the mail to me from Janice of Sew Girly! Love the flying geese and that little stinker of a renegade goose..! ;) Thank you Janice!!
Bee Block for July

Next up is this amazing block from Shelley at Elsie's Girl. I just love that pinwheel in the center! Thank you Shelley, for such a wonderful block!
FMB block for KarrieLynn

This photo with this block just makes me grin from ear to ear! I received this block (sadly I could not convince her to send the wee one with it..hee hee) from Tammy at Karamat Designs! Isn't it wonderful!!?? I love it! Thank you Tammy!!
Megan with KarrieLyne's block

There are 15 of us in our Fresh Modern Bee and my quilt will consist of 16 blocks that are 16" finished so I needed to make one as part of the group, and will need to make one more to get to 16. Here is my first block. I really liked how it turned out! Even more so because my daughter helped me choose the placement of the fabrics. :)
Fresh Modern Bee Block for Me

Ok, here is where my begging comes in. Please, oh, please send me your tips. I'm not sure I have many more up my sleeve...lol! Email me HERE with your tips.  Please! ;)

Much Love!!!


  1. Each block is outstanding! I'm sure it's great getting each one in the mail.

  2. Wow, I love these blocks. My absolute favorite is the one you made . . . I'm sure it took forever, but it's awesome!

  3. Gorgeous blocks!! Love the fabrics, I'm crazy about polka dots.

  4. Karrie, those blocks are amazing! I especially love the one you did - I may copy that (with your permission) for pillowtops! As for tips, I would suggest the 4-patch method I told you about. I'll try to think of a few more for you, though!

  5. All those blocks are great but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one you made!! What is it called and where is the pattern for it!? It's awesome!!

  6. those blocks are great! :) Are they all as big as the one in the bottom pic? Fun quilt!

    I'll see if I can't come up with some kind of tip.

    You could link to my continuous bias binding tut if you want... though I know how you feel about *scissor cutting* ;)

  7. As always, great blocks and great inspiration!

  8. I just got my package from you for the Pincushion Swap! I just love it! I have been wanting one of those adorable watermelon pincushons! YOu are wonderful! Thank you... and for the bonus goodies too! (I just posted it all on my blog) xxoo

  9. All the blocks look so great! I can't wait to see this all put together.

    P.S. If you're any good at potty training, I'd be happy to ship the little off to you for a bit ;-)


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