Saturday, July 3, 2010

Quilt Along Anyone?

Yesterday I was making up blocks for Sarah for our Bee Splendid group and I fell in love with the block.  It's similar to Jacob's Ladder. Or maybe just a different version of it. I can't keep track of them all. I know I've seen it before but making it and visualizing how the quilt would come together had me sold! 

The more I thought about the construction, I realized that it could be made using Moda Charm packs.  This was even more exciting because I have 3 Nest Charm packs just begging to be used!! I just had to figure out how to make this pattern using only 3 charm packs.

I started playing around on EQ7 but could only come up with a quilt that was smaller than I wanted or I had to buy more charm packs. These puppies are hard to find. 


I decided to change the block just a bit. I changed two solid pieces into half square triangle pieces and the numbers came out perfect!!

Then I got to thinking maybe I could do this in parts, post it here, and see if anyone wanted to make a quilt with me? There are so many layout possibilities that we can all have a different quilt when we're done. Each block is the same, it's just how you position them when you put it together that gives it a different look. 

It's an easy block. Basically a 9 patch consisting of half square triangles and 4 patches. Easy peasy! 

I'd love for you to join me! I will be doing this in weekly increments, posting on Sundays.

Tomorrow I will post the supplies and fabric requirements and I will also post some of the layouts you can choose from so you can decide if you even like the quilt before you commit. wouldn't be committing to me, but to yourself to finish. :)

Here's the block to give you an idea of what I'm babbling about! Hahah!

Quilt A-Long Block

Check back tomorrow for all the details!! I know you all have charm packs laying around!! They are begging to be used! :D 

Much Love!!!


  1. I will quilt along with ya! This gives me a reason to buy more fabric on my Sister's trip. Thanks!!!!!

  2. I am already doing one quilt along and loving it. Why not do another one...not sure if I have some charm squares hanging around, but I definitely have a wall of stash that would love to be busted :-). Hmmm...maybe some Amy Butler fabrics or oh Cherry Oh (one of my favorites...decisions, decisions..
    Thanks KarrieLyne,

  3. yay!! i may end up behind.. but i'm in!!

  4. Hrm.. I may have to do this quilt along!

  5. Karrie, I realized that you can create everything in this quilt block from 5" squares - so I'm busy cutting my scraps into 5" squares now - that way I can make blocks in between all the other projects! E-mail me and I'll tell you an easy way to do the 4-square patches....

  6. Count me in! I promised myself I would not buy any more fabric until I finished my other projects but this sounds like fun! I loved making the block for Sarah so this will be great. I love the way you modified it! Can't wait to start!

  7. How about we can cut a layer cake up? I can do a quilt along!!

  8. I really didn't need another project, but how can I resist?!?! I saw your block on Flickr and love it:)

  9. Or you could make it a Moda bakeshop project :)

  10. Cherie - You can't resist. I have the power..LOL. Just kidding! Happy to have you quilt along!

    I thought about a bakeshop goodie, but I thought it would be more fun as a quilt along :)

  11. I'm in. I love the block!! Sounds fun.

  12. Not sure if I'll play along or not, but a local shop ( has Nest layer cakes so maybe you could cut them down if you need more?

  13. I love that! I want to play along. :)

  14. Well you know I loved that block of course I am in :)

  15. Would love to join your quilt along...

  16. Alright, I've resisted long enough. I'm doing it, and I'm using the stash. Thanks in advance for pulling together all the details!


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