Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday #15

Today's tidbits come from Sarah over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict!
  •  I use empty Kleenex boxes (the upright kind) as mini trash bins on my sewing and cutting tables to catch threads, fabric snips, etc.  (I take the plastic out of the top first.)  You can empty them out and re-use them, or just throw them away when they are full!
  • Storing projects - I love the little brown kraft Starbucks bags for storing projects I've got upcoming, where I've bought the fabric, but haven't started the quilt yet.  I also staple a pretty piece of card stock on the bag with the name of the project or intended recipient written on it, then put it on a shelf where it can stare at me accusingly until I make it!
  • I have categories set up on my Bookmarks (or Favorites) pull down menu for the internet for "Quilting Ideas" and "Tutorials".  That way, when I see something I want to use later, I can sort it out for easy locating later, instead of wondering where in the world I saw it! 
I love all these tips, especially because you can recycle everyday stuff! That means more money for more fabric! Heh!

Great tips Sarah!  Thank you!!

Have tips you'd like to share? Please email them to me HERE and I'll feature them on Tidbit Tuesday!

Much Love!!!


  1. You're welcome! And I was looking at one of the Starbucks bags today - they have a list of ways to re-use the bags, but mine wasn't on there! I wonder why not? ;-)

  2. Great tips Sarah! :-) (And ha ha to your comment above! I can't imagine . . . )

  3. I always love reading the tidbits.


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