Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Belated Tidbit Tuesday #19

Ok. So I completely forgot that yesterday was Tuesday. Twice. I may need my head examined. ;)

So, even though it's a day's still better late than never, right? 

Today's tidbit comes from Lee Anne. She didn't leave a blog address so I don't have a way to link to her, but I love this tip and have been doing this ever since! It also helps with the fabric not getting stuck down in your feed dogs.

"Over my quilting career, I've always wondered why my blocks sometimes go a
little wonky.  I cut them accurately, I place them on the sewing machine
accurately but when they come off the sewing machine, just a little bit
wonky.  Sigh.  So, recently, after I had spent about three hours squaring up
bunches of half square triangles, I decided to try something different in my
chain piecing.

I started with the needle in the down position.  I lifted the presser foot

and slid the fabric until it was touching the needle.  Put the presser foot
back down and sewed the fabric.  This means that the first stitch is through
the fabric pieces you are joining.  When chain piecing, I take two stitches
after the end of the fabric and stop with the needle down and repeat the
process.  I have been SO happy with the results and my blocks end up
beautifully square."

Thanks Lee Anne!! :)
Another quick little something to share with you....

How exciting!! More toys!! I can't wait to see what this is!! 
Here's a cute little video for you to enjoy too. :)

Such teases aren't they? LOL! 

Much Love!!!


  1. Great tip!! I tend to do that anyway, because I usually sew with the needle down lock on, but I'll have to watch to see if there's a difference when I don't have it on!

    So what do you think AccuQuilt's announcement will be?

  2. I like that tidbit....I'm definitely going to have to try that!!!

  3. I also lost a day this week! And missed some fun things that I wanted to attend on Tuesday.

    Cute post with fun announcements!

    Hopefully we'll not overlook Oct lst.


  4. Would it help to have a "leader/ender"? I sort of thought that's what L&E's did --- they chew up any "bad" stitches so all the "good" ones make it into your piecing! *grin*

  5. I feel like I'm reading a tidbit about me! I made a big whirlygig quilt and was not happy about all the trimming! It still didn't turn out perfect. I tried the needle down thing on my last quilt and it really helped! My seams lined up nicely and there was no trimming needed! Yay! More time on the machine and less at the cutting table! :)

  6. You forgot it was Tuesday? - don't worry I forgot about Wednesday, went right to Thursday in my head, and completely missed church! LOL Thanks for the tidbits on any day!


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