Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday #17

Puckering. I don't like it. I'm sure you don't either. 

No, I'm not talking about kissing.... ;) 

I mean the puckering you get sometimes when you are quilting. After all that hard work you put into your quilt, you hate to see puckers. Well, I know I do. 

So I did some researching and came across an informative video. In all honesty, I've never ever adjusted the pressure when sewing OR quilting so this was a good tip even for me! :D 

Have a looskie. She makes some really good points. 


She shows some really neat machines too!  I love my own high tech machine, but there is something about those older machines that capture my interest as well. Especially the featherweights. Someday I'd like to own one of those beauties! 

Here she rolls....

**Even though she shows you how to adjust the pressure on older machines, you get the general idea of the concept. If you are not sure where to adjust your own pressure settings, just refer to your owners manual. Don't have one? Check the manufacturers website for one online. :)

I can definitely see this coming in handy with straight line quilting! 

Oh, and by the way, thank you all so much for the birthday wishes!! I had a really great day today!! :D 

Much Love!!!


  1. Great video! Thanks for sharing!!

    Did you know that I have a featherweight? My mom got it as a reward for making 54 outfits for 4-H in one year, and I sewed on it as a child. It's an awesome machine!

    There's still two more hours of your birthday - go have fun!!

  2. That was super helpful. Thanks! I never would have thought my pucker problems were tension. I thought it was not basting good enough or something. My puckers were at intersections though. Now I know how to fix it. Thanks! Jo Anna

  3. I have been quilting most of my life. This video was uncharted territory for me. Amazing what I didn't know...Thank you.

  4. Amazing timing! I needed this today... now I know what the dial on the side of my machine is. (I googled the manual as well, in case there are more mysteries to my machine!)

  5. Wow, great info! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I have a machine I bought 10 years ago, I am sure the instructor mentioned that dial on the side, but it went in one ear and out the other, because NEVER once have I touched it! Thank you so much for this info....thank you!! I needed it, Sandy

  7. What a great video - thanks for sharing. I'm sure it's something many of us never even considered.

  8. Were you in my house watching me quilt and fuss with puckers last night?! This is exactly what I needed! Great video and the concept makes perfect sense!
    Thank you so much! Now I'm ready for my next big project.

  9. KarrieLyne! Thank you for the great video AND I hope you had a GREAT birthday!!!

  10. You have been nominated to receive the Sunshine Award! Check it out at http://straystitches1.blogspot.com/2010/09/is-brunch-breakfast-food.html

  11. Hi KarrieLyn,

    Thank you so much for featuring one of my videos! Many thanks to your readers for all of their kind comments - they put a HUGE smile on my face!

    Happy Quilting, Marguerita :)

  12. This was SOOOOO my learned something new today! I now have another blog to follow.


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