Sunday, December 5, 2010


This weekend I was REALLY productive in the quilting arena! 

I showed you the Daisies and Dots fabric. That quilt top is complete, sandwiched and I am about half way done quilting it! 

I also started playing with this fabric at about 10 am today...

And by about 4 pm, in between entertaining the kids, starting lunch and dinner, and doing laundry, I completed the top!!

I am loving this quilt. I think it's definitely one of my favourites so far. I can't show you too much right now, but I CAN tell you a few things! 
  • It is made with a new line from Moda called Java by Deb Strain
  • Yes, it is a Moda Bake Shop project which means ANOTHER tutorial for all y'all. :) 
  • I'm pretty sure Leah over at Burgundy Buttons will have this in a kit for you! If you've never been to her shop, head on over there. She has a TON of inventory and lots on clearance too! Click HERE to head to her shop!
  • Oh... when can you see this? Mark your calendars for December 30th! Not too far away...
  • Until's a sneak peek ;)

Not only did I do all that...but I also worked on my Pillow Talk Swap 4 pillow! I'm wishing I would have cut enough for me to make two of these. I'm really loving it! I was also ahead of the game this time and took photos along the way so I can do a tutorial for you if you want to make one yourself. :) 
Here's what I have so far...I just need to put the back on it and send it on it's merry way. 

Psheww... I'm pooped! LOL! 

I love weekends like this! It definitely makes my plate a bit lighter, which means I can work on things that I've been putting off. 

I have one last thing to show you. Can't have a post with out kitty photos, right? :) 

The kittens were born outside and spent the first 8 weeks or so of their life out there so they are constantly trying to get outside. Ugh! I wouldn't care, because they are fixed, but I'm afraid they might not come back and that would break my heart, so I try and keep them indoors. Except for today. 

My daughter and I thought it would be funny to see what they would do in the snow (we got our first *real* snowfall this weekend...boooo)  and maybe deter them from wanting to go outside!


Odyssey checking out the snow, not bothered at all...

Sunny...she's got it all over her face and not bothered by it...

Well, so much for that reverse psychology bit...Sunny now meows at the door wanting to go out. LOL!

Here's hoping you had a productive weekend as well!

Much Love!!!


  1. congrats on all the sewing!! Who makes that green and blue hexagon fabric that you used in the Pillow swap?? I collect hexagon fabric and that one is awesome!

  2. I love the coffee fabric. I will anxiously await the finished product and dream of the kit.

  3. I used to take my oldest cat, Midnight, out on a leash ALL the time. He loved it. We used a body harness, though, for more security, because he'd slip out of his collars somehow.

    And, congrats on the sewing! I've been sick, but I managed to get through to Block 18 of Sandi's Christmas Cactus Quilt-Along.

  4. Wow KarrieLyne, you were busy!! Way to go girl!! I am always super excited to see your new bakeshop projects!! You just make such wonderful designs!

  5. Busy bee! I really want to be you when I grow up (or maybe before, since I'm not sure I ever will!) I love those tumblers - such a pretty color combination!!

  6. Those fabrics are wonderful!

    I can imagine that the snow must have been an interesting sensation for the kitties.

  7. I think taking them out on a leash is an excellent idea. It is considerably safer to keep your cats indoors but they do adapt fairly well to a harnesses. Cute pictures!

  8. Great quilts.....would love a tutorial on the the purple!


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