Friday, December 31, 2010

A Year To Remember

Wow, what a year! 

I remember last year making goals for this year and one of them was to finish more projects! I think I've achieved that....

22 Quilts - full size and mini
2 Quilt tops
8 pillows
1 crocheted afghan
handful of potholders
a couple pouches
a couple pincushions
some other odds and ends....

Quilts and pillows seem to be my forte....haha!

I'd say it was a good year. Even more so that I can say that I have hardly any UFO's! Let's hexagon quilt along quilt (which I WILL finish), drunkards path quilt that just needs to be quilted, circle around quilt that just needs to be quilted and two quilt projects that I started (and hate) that will never ever get finished so I don't really think those count as UFO's...LOL!  

Not to shabby if I do say so myself. 

Note: Two quilts are not shown here because ... well I can't show them to you yet. (groans) But trust me when I say I have two more completed and will be showing them to you soon! :D

1. Scruffy Quilt 3, 2. Zees Quilt, 3. Half Square Triangle Quilt, 4. Completed Pinwheel Quilt, 5. Square Dance Completed, 6. Tinker Coin Quilt, 7. ALQS4 Front Complete, 8. Random Reflection in Fandango, 9. Random Reflections in Eva, 10. Crossing Paths, 11. DQS9 Complete!!!, 12. My Charm Pack Quilt, 13. September Moda Bake Shop Goodie, 14. "Busy Like A Bug", 15. Autumn Strings Quilt, 16. Boxed In, 17. Sweet Divinity - Pocket Full of Pinwheels Tutorial, 18. Flower Box w Tutorial, 19. Crushed Diamonds - Kona Crush, 20. Opposites Attract, 21. Java Stars Quilt & Tutorial, 22. Drunkards Medallion Top , 23. Circle Around Top Complete, 24. Day 87 - Yummy As Sherbet, 25. Pretty Pair of Pillows, 26. Pillow Talk #3, 27. Angel Pillow on It's Way, 28. process pillow 3, 29. Pillow Talk Swap 4 Pillow, 30. Pillow Giveaway

A year ago, I never expected to be where I am. I never thought I'd ever, ever, ever, make so many quilts, let alone in one year! I've had so much fun making everything, but even MORE fun making tutorials for all of you!! 

Thank you so much, to all of you, who have followed me through such an amazing journey!! Shall we see if I can churn out more in 2011? We'll see... ;) 

I'd love to hear your "totals" for 2010!! Did you beat me? I bet some of you have! :D

Wishing all of you a very blessed 2011. 

Much Love!!!


  1. So much inspiration pictured above! And even a couple of your above finishes were mine too! (pinwheel sampler & scruffily) I'll get my charm square qal quilt done soon...promise! I hate lagging like this, just been rather unmotivated to sew lately. That will change next week though! Big one will be back at school!

  2. Wow, I feel like a slacker :-). 4 baby quilts, 3 table runners, 2 lap quilts, a few potholders, burpcloth and bib sets, a couple aprons, a few camera strap covers, and I made three quilt tops that still need to be quilted. My biggest accomplishment of the year was my new baby boy, born in Sept. so I'm ok with my lack of sewing.
    Your finished projects are beautiful though! Can't wait to see what you come up with for 2011!

  3. I didn't make a list, but if I did, it wouldn't be near as long as yours. I haven't put the borders on the quilt-alongs that your featured. Plus I've saved your instructions for the Java quilt which will be one of first ones that I work on in 2011. Thanks for all your neat patterns. Have a great New year.

  4. Well, I've got you beat on quilts, but only because of the quilt ministry! I made 14 personal quilts (for gifts or swaps), 19 for the quilt ministry that I made completely, and 11 more for the quilt ministry that I did part of in collaboration with someone else. Plus two pillow tops, a slew (15? 16?) of mug rugs, and a few pot holders!

    Now about those two quilt projects that you hate - you know you can send them to me and I'll finish them and find them a good home! Then you won't have to feel guilty about them at all!

  5. So much inspiration in your mosaic! You've had a year filled with beautiful fabric and awesome projects. Can't wait to see what the new year holds for you!

  6. Wow! What an amazing year. Keep up the good work. Enjoy 2011!

  7. I think I am most impressed with the fact that you have so many finsihed quilts and only 2 quilt tops. I hope in 2011 I get some of my tops from 2010 made into quilts!

  8. Karrie, you have accomplished, like, a bajillion more things in one year than I can possibly think about in five!!

    (Check the spelling of your title, darling ;))

  9. Quite impressive. I posted the same thing on my blog but was not nearly as productive as you. I have a challenge this year to create lots more. Thanks for the inspiration.


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