Tuesday, March 12, 2013



I was having a lot of fun making changes to my blog. After making the new header I wanted a matching signature, divider bar, and then I decided to make my own social media buttons! 

This resulted in me making a Facebook page for Freckled Whimsy! There isn't much there yet, but it would give me warm fuzzies if people liked my page. I promise, there will be postings there! I just have to figure out the whole Instagram Facebook integration stuff! 

So if you are interested, no bribing involved, go ahead and like my page. You can click the pretty little orange button over on the left side or you can click HERE to see my page. 

Much Love!!!


  1. I love your blog! I wish I knew how to make mine look better. :/

  2. i would love to like your page!

  3. Great idea seeming how my Google tools to follow blogs are going to be discontinued. :(


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