Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Enabler Alert!

There has been a lot of talk lately about the up and coming EQ7 software release. It looked really cool with the updates but I really wasn't interested in it because I already had EQ6 and found I didn't like it. I had had it for 2 years or so and found that I didn't use it. I know now that was because I've always been a pattern follower and never straying from them so why would I design anything myself?

I've really been branching out in that department, though. Working on designing my own things. I've started breaking quilts apart (calm down, I mean in my head, not,  drawing out my own ideas, etc. So, with all this talk I brought out the EQ6 again and started to play.  Half the day was gone when I looked at the clock next!!

So many possibilities! I kick myself (that's not easy, by the way) when I think how long I've had this tool and I've never used it! Granted, I still have a ton to learn but this was my first design, simple as it may be...

I know that I can change the fabrics on each piece of the block, and I had, but somehow I switched to something else and it didn't save so I had to re-do it. I only wanted the general pattern so the fabrics on the pattern didn't matter to me at the time.

This wasn't exactly what was in my head though, and after messing around I couldn't get it to do exactly what I wanted to. I know that the program probably does it, I just have to learn it. So.... with the pattern above, I tweaked it a bit to mirror what was in my brain, and came up with this gem. 
geese pillow

And before you ask, YES, I am addicted to pillows, pinwheels, and straight line quilting! (and hexagons and circles and a bajillion other things..haha).

I love how it turned out and I'm glad because the idea to create something in this pattern was from Fat Quarterly! They are hosting a contest using flying geese and this is what I came up with. :)

I was so impressed with EQ6 that I bit the bullet and ordered EQ7 upgrade! I can't wait till it shows up in my mail box next month! Want a copy of your own? I pre-ordered mine from I Have A Notion. The upgrade is only $49.95 (you must own EQ6 to use the upgrade) and if you don't have EQ6 you can still get EQ7 for $130! Both of these prices are a steal! You have to hurry though, these prices are only good through May 25th! After that they will go up to $89.95 and $189.95, respectively. 

Don't say I didn't warn you that this was an enabler's in the title. ;) 

Dream, Design, Create with EQ7

Much Love!!!


  1. Beautiful pillow! It is so pretty!

  2. I love your design. Good luck!

  3. I love it! Where can I get one? I need one now!!!! What fabric line is that?

  4. Love that little pillow! I think I'll stick to pencil and paper for a while, but thanks for the info about the program - sounds like a good one!

    You are bad to the bone woman! I had EQ6 and gave it to my daughter in law. I might have to get it back or buy her the
    oh, or better yet buy your patterns :)

  6. Your pillow looks wonderful! I've been thinking about EQ for quite some time now and was hoping to win one from one of the giveaways in blogland but reality hit me one night, and ordered one from IHAN too. Can't wait to get it.
    Happy designing.

  7. Your pillow is amazing! Love it!

  8. such an incredible pillow!


  9. Wow, your pillow turned out amazing. I would get EQ7 but I use a Mac and don't want to add windows to it for any program.

  10. Well, since you admitted it I will too. I've also had EQ6 for 2 yrs and have only played around for maybe 6 hrs. I am so confused by the software and gave up. I did order the upgrade though because it has one capability that EQ6 does not have and that is the multiple installs instead of just the 2 or 3 whatever it was that EQ6 gave you. That alone was worth the upgrade to me just in case I decided again to learn how to use it.

    You did a great job on that pillow. I'm very impressed that you did that so quickly. Congrats.


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