Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday

We all love those little tidbits of advice that make quilting easier, right?  I know I do! So I thought I'd share one with you today, and maybe even make a habit of it. :)

My first tidbit is in regards to threading your needle before binding your quilt, or for that matter, anytime you thread your needle.

You're probably saying, "Um, Karrie, I know how to thread a needle..duh"... right? LOL. 

Of course I know you know how, but did you know there is a right and a wrong end to thread the needle with? Yep. Ever get going on your project just to have your thread twist and curl and end up in knots? Then your thread breaks and you may even say a few choice words?

This is where my tidbit comes in handy.

Gather Supplies
Start with your supplies:  scissors, your needle and your thread. I'm using Aurifil because I {heart} it. Easy stuff here. :)

Don't Cut Thread yet
At this point, most people will snip off a piece of thread and go at it. Not you. You're not going to cut your thread yet.  First, thread your needle. 

Thread The Needle
Once your needle is threaded and you have a decent sized tail, now cut your thread and make your quilters knot at the other end.

Why do it this way?

It is sort of like "with the grain" and "against the grain". If you gently hold the thread between your thumb and forefinger and run them up and down the thread slowly, you will feel a difference. One way its smooth, and the other way its sort of rough and spikey. Think of it like you are running your hand on a piece of wood. One way is smooth and if you rub your hand the other way, chances are you may get a sliver. It's rough to pass and it might get caught. Thread is the same way.

Another way to remember is how the thread goes in your machine. You always thread the end that is not cut in your machine needle, right? That's how you thread your needle to avoide the tangles and knots. 

Go ahead. Try it. It really does work. Trust me.  :)

Do you have any tidbits you'd like to share? Email me directly and I will post them here. 

Much Love!!!


  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I was in such a wonderful quilt guild when I was learning! glad you are sharing these things as they do make life easier!
    I think blog land is one big quilt guild.heehhe.

  3. I do this anyways for no particular reason... but now I have a good reason. Thanks for the tip!

    Jennifer :)


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