Thursday, June 3, 2010

How I Missed You

You don't always realize how much you missed something until you get it back.

I felt that today when I was finally able to get back on my bike and go riding again. It seems like it's been forever. It's not always easy to go. Winter makes it difficult and then there is the issue of just having time to go because the rug rats have to be taxied everywhere. I used to be able to go nearly every day in the warm weather. I'm hoping to get back to that. 

It's amazing how many things you forget when you've been away from something.....
  • I forgot my music. I think I was so excited to go that I just left with out it. Bad idea. 
  • I forgot that it's a good idea to take Kleenex. I won't go into details with that one. You're welcome :)
  • I forgot what bugs tasted like. 
  • I forgot that even though I wore sun glasses, sand in your eyes feels super good. Not. 
  • I forgot just how much I love hills. =/
  • I forgot how amazingly close cars will drive next to you, even when there is no oncoming traffic for them to move away from you. Jerks. 
Now with all of that said, it sounds like I'm complaining or it gives the impression of why on earth would I want to do it.

The things I remembered far out weigh the things I forgot.....
  • I remembered the wind in my face
  • I remembered the rush I feel when gliding down a big hill (praying I don't spin
  • I remembered the quiet time. Me time. Time alone with my thoughts. 
  • I remembered the freedom.
  • I remembered that my favourite time to ride is during the hours just before sunset. It's calm (mostly), the sun isn't blazing, and the sky is just beautiful. 
  • I remembered that no matter how tired I am after a good ride, I still feel great! Even with wobbly! 
It's good to be back in the saddle again. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up! :D

Much Love!!!


  1. KL, great post. I am getting the same feelings from sitting out in the garden more this week - it makes such a difference to start getting decent weather and getting out and about in it! Mandy came over yesterday with her kids and her kids and my kids played together while we sat in the sunshine with a cup of tea talking quilts,fabrics, life, the universe, etc. Bliss!

  2. Your nuts, I knew it.hah.ah.h.a.a.aa.
    I love the feel of the wind of my sewing machine, my coffee close by made with my new machine :)hha..ahaa..

  3. Brilliant post! Now I need to go buy me a new bike as my old one possibly have rusted totally in my absence... But I too want to ride in those quiet summer evenings before sunset! Yeah!!


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