Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lot's To Share!

Lot's to share today!! Waaa hoooo!! :) 

I don't usually consider myself lucky, well, not when it comes to winning things. That is, until recently!!

A good blogger friend of mine, Traceyjay Quilts, had posted her 100th post and she was doing a giveaway to celebrate it. She had lined up a bunch of different fabrics and said the first person to tell me 10 of the collections, wins it! She had posted it quite a while before I had happened upon it but as I was looking at the fabrics, I started saying the lines in my head. I was pretty excited since I am fairly new to all of this modern world of fabric. I started making a list. When I was done I think I had 12 or 13 and sent her the email for kicks and giggles. Wouldn't you know....I got an email back from her telling me I won??!!! Thank you Tracey, for such a great giveaway and those yummy fabrics!! I'm pretty sure they are going in dresdens!! However, I need to know the lines I missed so I can get more...LOL :)
Tracey Cakes

Another giveaway that I entered was over at Amazing designer and a sweetie to boot! She has 6 lines that she has designed for Moda and she has been hosting a giveaway of a Jelly Roll in each of those lines. So, every Friday, she'd draw a name and announce the winner. Every Friday I was happy for the winner but a wee bit disappointed it wasn't Then on June 4th I was going through my blog roll and came to hers. I had totally forgotten it was Friday. I though, "hmm..I wonder what Tula is up to today" and clicked her link. 

Here's how it went down:

Link clicked.
I saw my name and thought "huh?"....
Saw the words "winner" and "Full Moon Forest" in the same sentance...
I nearly peed!!! 
I think I even screamed while I was dancing in my living room. 
My kid comes out of her room and asks me if I'm ok. 
I nod, because I still can't speak...
She rolls her eyes and goes back in her room.
I check the site again and hit refresh to make sure I wasn't seeing things... name. But there has to be more than one KarrieLyne, right? (
I clicked on the hyperlink to be sure it went to my site. 
Yep. I squealed again!! :D 
Then I typed a ridiculously dorky comment saying thank you and "please don't tell Julie"...LOL.  You see, Julie is THE biggest Tula Pink fan E. V. E. R. I love Julie to pieces but I think I said that because I just wanted one little piece of FMF, but in all reality, I'd hand it over to her in a heartbeat if she asked me. :)

I got my package today!! I squealed when I saw the Tula Pink Label and then I turned it around and saw this! Awwwww..... :) 

Isn't it grand!? I think I will just sit here and hold it and stare at it for a while. :) 
Full Moon Forest Winnter

Thank you Miss Tula. Really! You are so generous! I {heart} it. A Lot! ;)

Last thing...two sneak peeks of the quilt I'm working on for the ALQS4 .... 

This is the back....
ALQS4 Sneaky Peeky Back

And this is the front.....
ALQS4 Sneaky Peeky Front

How are yours coming along? Hm? :) 

Much Love!!!


  1. You have been quite the lucky one lately that's for sure! I'm so jealous of that FMF.

  2. So yummy, I wasn't as lucky but I'm glad they went to someone who loves them too!

  3. LOVE the FMF! I seriously don't think I can open my jelly roll of this...
    Congrats again...nice work!

  4. I'm glad you like them. :) I posted the names to all the collections on the original post... towards the bottom I think.

    And I can't believe you won the FMF!!! That's AWESOME!

    (I find it interesting that 2 highly coveted lines have the initials FMF -- flea market fancy and this one)

  5. Yea You!! Congratulations!! Enjoy and I can't wait to see the beautiful creations you come up with. :)

  6. You lucky duck! Congrats on the great wins!

    I'm loving your mini quilt . . . can't wait to see the whole thing!

  7. Oooh, I didn't know you were doing ALQS4 too! Love what I can see of that little quilt!! Come check out mine - finished and posted on my blog today! And you lucky thing - I've been entering and entering and no luck - but you give me hope!!

  8. Congrats on being a winner twice! That's awesome :)

    I love love love LOVE your fabric for ALQS4!! It makes my heart squeal!

  9. Congrats on your wins!!! The universe is smiling on YOU!


  10. Super fun!!! what nice fabric from both places!!

  11. Wow! Congratulations! Your sneak peak looks great, too!

  12. How exciting and how very lucky! Yay for you!

  13. Whoo Hoo for you lucky wins!

  14. love the fabric for the ALQS4! what fabric did you use?

  15. Susan: I used the fabric listed here. Very sweet shop owner too :)

  16. Wow! congrats KarrieLyne! Beautiful winnings! The quilt you're working on looks like a pretty one, I'm loving the colors! I haven't done any sewing in forever! Baseball and work have taken over my life for a while, and my pinwheel quilt is still waiting for backing fabric that's been on backorder :( I'm vicariously living through you now ;)

  17. You know, I was looking online for some FMF and it linked me here!!!! I am SOOOO jealous! Tula Pink is MY favorite! Wish I was quilting when her lines came out. I just started knowing who she is and what fabric I like when Plum came out...ya pretty bad right? I have lots of work to do!!!!


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