Saturday, October 2, 2010

Edwards Apple Orchard 2010

As much as I hate the fact that the warmth of summer is slipping away, fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year to me. I love the colors of fall and how the colors change in the trees and I love how fall smells. It's so rustic and crisp. 

Today we went to the apple orchard, Edwards Apple Orchard. It's a place we have gone every year for probably nine years or so. A few years ago I wondered if we'd be able to even go anymore. In January of 2008 (where normally we are loaded with snow) a tornado swept through our state. This is the aerial view of the orchard after that tornado.

After lots and lots of work, they restored their farm and re-opened in September 2008 and business has been booming ever since!!

Here are a few (*cough*) photos of our journey there today.... :)
A beautiful day....

A few sights while waiting in line...

And look at those colors....!

I tried to get some shots of the kids, but Andrew was worried about the line moving so this was his "hurry up and take the stinking photo mom" look...LOL

Once we got inside our senses were overwhelmed....apples, fudge, donuts, crafts, candles, decorations, Halloween stuff, candies, natural honey, jellies and jams, soups, spices, so much to take in!!

Nostalgia...I love this kind of stuff! 

Apples... lots and lots of apples!!! Honeycrips are my favourite, but today we brought home some Jonathon's and Autumn Beauties! Mmmmmm!

Oh, and Cinderella pumpkins!! There were pretty cool!! They were kind of flat and squatty, versus round and plump!

As soon as we got back outdoors, we chomped on our donuts!! Mmmm....they were still warm!

I love this shot of Lindsay :)

Then of course there is the animal barn. It smells horrible but the kids love it! 

This is Mr. Pig. I can relate to his sleepy habits. :)

I was getting the "we are NOT the other white meat" look from this one ;)

And the goats! One of the wee ones kept jumping on the back of the larger one to stand on, but every time it took a step, the wee one would fall off! It happened to fast to get a shot of it, but was so comical!

Just a few more photos....the colors are just amazing...

Then a few more of the kiddos. Trying to get them to take a photo of them *together* is like pulling teeth. They act like they are gonna die if they touch each other...LOL!

This one seems so fitting....and totally makes me chuckle!!!

However, with much coaxing, I did get a nice shot of them...together.... :)

All in all it was  a great day!! However, you cannot go to the orchard and not have some of their cider! Hot or cold, whichever way, is sooooooo good!!

And look how polite they are....

I hope you enjoyed my little slideshow! I know I sure enjoyed the day! :)

Much Love!!!


  1. Oh how super cool is this excursion! Your kids' photos are sweet ... your son is definitely happier in the after shot than the "in the line" shot. Your daughter's picture is beautiful :) The pumpkin patch reminds me of one trip I got to make as a kid ... thank you so much for sharing! Be well!

  2. It looks so beautiful you are so lucky. In Scotland we don't have apple farms.

  3. Looks like a nice day a wonderful family tradition. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  4. That looks like such a neat place! I love the smell of lots of tree-ripened apples all in the same place - just reminds me of fall. And your kids are adorable! The last pic of them together is great. And somehow I see a quilt design in the acorn squash picture......

  5. Great pictures and it looks like it was a load of fun.

  6. Oh my gosh what a fun and colorful day!
    I love your kids.hah.ah.a.ha.a.a they so make me laugh! Really miss that fall feel here in Fl.

  7. What a great looking, fun filled day! Wish we had something even close to similar to that here....

  8. What a wonderful day! So glad to see people doing well after disasters - and it looks like you all had such a great time! I think it's so important to have these family traditions...

  9. How fun!!! I love the pics of your kiddos!

  10. Quite an amazing place! Thanks for sharing the pics!!


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