Sunday, October 31, 2010

This Is Halloween!

Happy Halloween!! 

We are finally back from trick or treating, thank goodness! It's fun walking around and seeing all the kids in their costumes, but boy was it chilly this year! Glad to be back and cuddled under a few quilts while the kids go through all their candy! I'm even gathering my own loot with some of the stuff they don't like! It's not even the yucky candy. I've scored Baby Ruths, Crunch, and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Pieces!  Woo Hoo! :D

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and leave you a video to watch if you'd like. It's actually from the movie called Nightmare Before Christmas, but it's the Halloween bit. It's funny because I remember being in high school when this movie came out and going to the theater to see it. I even remember having Subway for lunch... :)

The whole movie is really good actually. I need to get my hands on a copy again so I can watch it in its entirety.

Be safe. Stay warm and don't eat all your candy in one night. :)

Much Love!!!


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Happy Quilting!

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