Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday #22

I think I've mentioned that I attend a Stitch ~n~ Bitch on the second Saturday of each month. Or at least I try to, because I have so much fun!! 

The last one I was at was one I will never ever forget. 

You see, we have this attendee..her name is Pat (*waves to Pat*). Before I went to my first one I was told that everyone called her Crazy Pat. Can we say red flags? I was a tad worried...LOL! Let's just say we clicked right off the bat. She is so funny! You say something and straight off the cuff she has a come back that just makes you laugh into tears. She calls me "Girl".... Ain't that sweet? LOL!

I guess she had been asking Sandi (she's the host) over and over if I was going to be at the last meeting and Sandi assured her that I said I would be there. 

It wasn't until show and tell did I find out why she kept asking.....

Out of Pat's bag came two quilts that she made from my tutorials!! The Chocolate Blueberry Squares and the Charm Pack Quilt Along. Oh. My. Gosh! She brought tears to my eyes. I was so happy and delighted that she made them!! Pat got lots of hugs from me that day!! I'm not sure who was happier. Me or Pat. I love her! :) 

{{**waves to Pat again**}}  :)

Not only do we laugh and enjoy each others company, I swear I learn something new each time I go! It always happens out of the blue too. We'll be sewing and chit chatting then all of a sudden someone will be doing something and we'll be like..."uh...wha cha doin'?"...LOL! 

That's how today's tidbit came to be. Jeannie over at Grey Cat Quilts, once again, found a great way to make half square triangles, the speedy way!! If you need to make a lot of HST with the same fabrics, you can do it using strips!! Yes strips!! So cool!! So Fast!! Thanks Jeannie!

Well, y'all know how much I love my half square triangles, right? Well, if you didn't, you do now! :) I love them because they offer so many different choices in layouts and designs! The possibilities are endless!!

I was going to do a tutorial on my blog, but everyone seemed to like having the PDF instead, so I'm leaving the links for that. :) 

I am also including a PDF tutorial on how to trim your Half Square Triangles. So you get a two for one Tidbit Tuesday. :) 

One of these days I will get a tab up at the top of my blog that has all my tutorials in one place! It's a goal, I just have to get there. :) 

What are you waiting for? Go make some HST's! I know I am! I will be back soon with my results! Would love to see yours too!! :D

Much Love!!!


  1. I wish I had time to make some HSTs - I've got a stack of little triangles leftover from another project, but no time to put them together! Oh well, one of these days..... So I'm going to tuck your tutorials away for a rainy day!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very cool toot! I'm saving that one!

  3. I just recently saw this somewhere else, not the blog you mentioned, though. It's wonderful! There is even an iron-on pre-printed thing you can buy to go onto your jelly roll fabrics.

    It's how I'll be making mine...there's a grid method (for squares into smaller HSTs) out there somewhere, too.

  4. Oh how fun and way cool that Pat made quilts with your tutorials! What a neat group to belong to I would believe :) You've got to be special to belong to such a special group ;) hugs to you!!

  5. Well that just my life a little better! Thanks for the tutorial! It's kind of like using Thangles but much ,much easier!

  6. Great Tut! Thanks for spelling that all out in such a clear and percise way! I really liked your other tutorial also, the 45 degree angle cut for the Autumn string quilt. xxoo


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