Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting To Know Me, Getting To Know You #3

Soo...I'd love to share with all of you the results of last weeks poll, but apparently the site is no longer working or it's temporarily disabled. My polls are gone and so are the stats.  Boo. :(

I think most everyone was in the "need some kind of noise" category, and some of you needed silence and even some of you gave me the great idea of books on tape. Or, rather books on iPods. :) I really need to do this, although my mind is so chaotic when I sew I don't know that I'd really be able to follow! 

Due to this cacophony in my head, music is my preference. Music that is playing in my ear buds so that it drowns out everything else. This makes it easier for me to concentrate and chug along. Granted, I feel sorry for anyone that is around that has to listen to me sing...hahahaha!! No seriously. You don't want to be that person. ;)

Sometimes, I do like to put in a movie though, when I can't really escape from the noises of the home. When I can't tune everything out. You and all. Hee hee! However, if it's a movie, it has to be one that I've seen a million times already or I will find myself engrossed in the movie instead of my sewing. 

My quilting movie = P. S. I Love You. Well, really anything with Gerard Butler, but P. S. I Love You is my absolute favourite!!  ;)

How about you?? Whats your quilting movie? 

I'm also going to try a new poll place. Hopefully this one will stand up to our use! Let's give this question a go... **ducks and runs for cover**

How many quilts do you have in progress right now?

Oh, in progress means that it's not completely finished. Quilt tops only do not count as finished ;)

As always, feel free to leave a comment with further explanation. :)

Much Love!!!


  1. I LOVE P.S. I love you! I haven't actually tried watching a movie during, but for me, it would probably be My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

  2. Depends on whether I have my computer with me, or just my iPod. If I have the computer, I stream movies from Netflix (the best deal going - unlimited and free with my membership!); if I only have my iPod then it's The Princess and The Frog, which is the only movie loaded on there! Probably my favorite movie to watch/listen to while quilting is the new Star Trek.....

  3. Don't laugh, but my favorite movie to sew to is Fletch. I adore Chevy Chase and can recite the whole movie word for word. (The Fletch books are a fun read too.)

    I also like watching TV shows that I have on DVD... right now it is Psych and Burn Notice.

  4. My movie is "Hello, Dolly!" I've seen it so many times I can just have it on in the background and still enjoy it.

  5. P.S.I love you is my all time favorite but I like Holiday & Bourne Identity too (I know...very different movies). I think Letters to Juliet might make it soon. It was a longish one to sit through but all the more time to sew. Definitely a movie you can multitask through.

  6. I wish my sewing machine was in the same room as a TV so I could sometimes watch a movie. If I could, it would be something I've watched a million times like "Father of the Bride" or episodes of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. And some favorite Christmas movies, too.

  7. I love watching friends when cleaning and sometimes even when cooking :)
    Currently I have 5 quilts that aren't finished and about 4 that I haven't started on but where I already made a pretty pile with fabrics :)
    I am now no longer allowed to purchase fabric for new quilts because else I will never get those 5 ones finished...

  8. KarrieLyne...there is a reason you're one of my favorites! I watch PS I Love You ALL the time when I'm sewing! I also love The Ugly Truth (because I am also a HUGH Gerard Butler fan!) and The Holiday. I have a massive amount of 'chick flicks', but those three are the ones I watch the most. Have a great day!! xoxo

  9. I love to watch Farscape when I sew. I am a sci fi nerd. I start with season 1 and go through all 4 seasons then the mini series PKW. Then I start over.

    Movie wise I will watch anything John Cusack is in.

  10. I have like 4 or 5 quilts in the works, one of them being your charm pack quilt along.

    I'm a geek, so Fantasy, Sci Fi or anything like that is almost always on, that includes cartoons. My quilting movie..... probably the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The music is just right, and the story is so familiar I can quote it hehe.

  11. I love to have NASCAR or Football on while I sew. They chat the whole time and I can always jump up and rewind to watch a good play I missed, but don't have to watch the entire event.

  12. I think I have...four? But I have plans for so many more!

    I also love sci-fi, but I could never watch TV and have the sewing machine going at the same time--I've got to just have my music on. (My iPod speakers are the cutest little pig, so he comes with me to the sewing room. :)

    I CAN watch TV and hand-piece, but I'm not always speedy with the piecing when I'm doing that.

  13. Twilight. I've seen it so many times that I don't even have to watch it to know what is going on, so it's perfect to have on while I'm sewing. Plus I like the music!

  14. Ouch - you made me count! Might be a good resolution for next year to get it down to 5 or less. Until inspiration hits, anyway!


  15. This week it was Gone With the Wind. Love it!!

  16. I have music playing rather than a movie. I get too distracted. Now I have to go and finish some of those quilts so that number goes down!


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