Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday #28

It's finally the end of the month!! Blogging every day is always a challenge and I hope all of you hung in there with me and my babbling. :) 

How did you do with NaBloPoMo if you participated? Did you make it? I know a few of you did!! Congrats!! :D

Can't break tradition. Today is Tuesday and it's time for a tidbit. 

It's a bit off the wall, but still useful. 

When you are cutting your fabric, do you end up with long strips that are less than 1/2"  wide but really long so you usually just throw them away? I usually get these when I make the cut to straighten an edge. Well, if you do, don't throw them away. Let's use them! 

Aren't they pretty? :)
For this tidbit, I am using 9 pieces. You will want to be sure they are at least 12" long, I'd say. 

Group all 9 pieces together and tie a knot at the top. Like so...

Now separate them into sections of 3 strands and braid them till you get about 3" from the end or so. You want this fringy tail. Tie another knot to secure it.

Oh, don't forget to get your kids in on the fun...

Now you are probably asking why would I make one of these, right? 

Well....because kitties LOVE them!!!  That's why!! 

See...they are checking it out and testing it...

And they approve! :D

Sunny hogs the toys..lol!
Totally useful and then you don't feel so bad throwing away some of that awesome fabric! Win Win! :D

Much Love!!!


  1. If I had a cat I would totally do that. Maybe I will make one for my brother & SIL's cat...... I also use the little cuttings for package material in gifts to quilty friends.

  2. I bet the birdies would like them in the spring, too! I like to put little strip scraps out for them to use for their nests....

  3. I did it! I did it! I posted every day- one day was few minutes after midnight by the time I could get it posted, but it was still *that* day for me since I hadn't gone to bed yet :D That was fun! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Yup, blogged every day....and forgot that it was over until I read your post! I already have a few more posts ready to go for this week. Once I got going it really wasn't too hard at all. Thx for the motivation to do it ~ and congrats to you, too!

  5. I almost always make too much binding and I use these little strips to wrap around the left over binding so that it doesn't become a tangled mess. Kitty toys are good, too.

  6. I tried really, really hard to post every day, but, in the end, didn't make it. I just can't find that much to talk/write about, how do you do it????? I am the same way with a cell phone, I have one, but, very rarely use it.
    I will try to do better this next month. It was fun and I enjoyed the days I did post, so, here's to doing better. Cheers

  7. I use them to wrap gifts!!! They look awesome and I dont have to spend on ribbons!!!

  8. Good Idea!! I use them in my gift bags instead of tissue paper, or I make Christmas ornament with them by stuffing them in a glass bulb! Preferably heart shaped!

  9. Those cute kitties are so stinkin spoiled!

  10. Good idea!

    I save mine and use them in the garden to tie plants to stakes, etc...great for tomato plants.

    I usually have enough for our garden and my FIL.

  11. I love that idea. They would also make nice scissor or rotary cutter dangles, if made a little shorter. You could always tell your tools from anyone elses in a class.
    I use my skinny short left overs to make bows. I stack them up and sew across the middle of about 6 or so layers. I chain feed several of the little stacks through the machine and then tie another strip around them. Take them outside and shake vigorously to fluff into a bow that matches the quilt I'm giving as a gift or just matches the wrapping paper/or fabric of any gift.
    blessings :c)

  12. KarrieLyne ~
    I did it! I loved it, struggle at times with it, and occasionally blamed you for it. Thank you, though, for the gentle invite you sent out. It was a great experience.



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