Friday, November 26, 2010

Toxic Waste

You are probably wondering what this is about, hm? 

Well, it all started with this...

See now? ;) 

My son loves sour stuff and he asked me if he could get these.

I should have read this label before I said yes...

But he was more concerned about this label...and of course, beating the 60 seconds!

It began like this...

He popped it in... so far so good...

"Is it sour, Bug"...."mmmmhhhhhmmmmm!"

Then he said his cheeks hurt...

I love these embarrassing photos! Bwahahaha!!

Let's see where we are at now.... about 45 seconds in...

Then at 60 seconds...

That's all he really cared about, beating the top time. Boys. Sheesh! ;)

Then it was no big deal but he was a soakin' up the win...but still feelin' the sour...LOL!

Then he chewed it and it was all over...

Feel like singing, "macho machoooo man, I've got to be a macho man?"... LOL!

Gotta love times like these, huh? :D

Much Love!!!


  1. Is that what boys are like? Girls are all drama........ I'm not sure which is easier!

  2. Glad that you were able to capture it in photos. BOYS!!!!!

  3. Man...if that's not JUST like a boy!! Tooo cool! He's probably walking around like he's some kind of hot-shot now, huh? I bet!

  4. Those pictures of him totally made me have my sour candy face without eating sour candy! ;-) Thanks for sharing!! (these are the pics you give to his SR HS year book committee! =))

  5. Oh girl, you sooo need to see these pics I took of my daughter when she was a baby....trying a lime for the first time.
    Its very similar and soooo funny!

  6. I havn't seen this candy yet. I had to call my son down and show him your post. He said, "We should get some mommy." Personally, I don't get the draw to the sour stuff. It must be a kid thing. We had wax lips.. they have sour stuff. ??? There is no accounting for taste!

  7. I could almost taste the sour as I looked at those pictures...tell him to enjoy it now as a kid..somehow it just doesn't taste the same when you get older! LOL


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